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Used for preparation of (3-6)% water emulsions during processing of alloyed structural steels at medium cutting modes, as well as at grinding of carbon and alloyed steels. Emulsol can be also used for turning, milling and drilling. 5% water emulsion of emulsol can be applied to all operations of edging and abrasive processing of aluminum, cast-iron and bronze. Emulsol is a mixture of petroleum oils and corrosion inhibitors. Emulsol EM-1 is an analogue of emulsols ET-2U, EGT, ET-2. It has high washing, penetrating and cooling capacity, provides higher tool durability and lower roughness of processed surfaces. EM-1 does not form any toxic compounds with other substances in the air or sewage waters.
Emulsol EM-1
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Form  Homogeneous liquid from brown to dark brown color
Emulsion stability within the time period of 3 hours, oil is extracted , cm3 , no more than 1,0
РН of  (3-6)%emulsion 6,0-10,0
Acid number mg КОНper 1 g of emulsol , no more than 32
Corrosion aggressiveness of  (3-6)% emulsion, prepared with the use of hard water  Shall pass the tests
Density at 20°С, g/cm3, not more than 0,930
Mass fracture of water, %, no more than 3