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Antiadhesive grease “Betol-01” Grade B

A process lubricant constituting an optimal compound of oil-soluble surface-active reagents in high-viscosity mineral oil supplemented with organic downstream products Presence of significant amount of oil-soluble surface-active reagents allows to create a firm separating film on the surface of a mould, which assures easy removal of the product after autoclave curing without adherence of concrete to the surface of moulds. The grease is distinguished by high adhearing capacity on the vertical surfaces and assures reliable protection of steel moulds from corroision, which significantly reduces moulds maintenance costs. Owing to its viscosity characteristics and absense of electric filter plugging the grease can be used at modern import automatized cellular concrete production lines.
Antiadhesive grease “Betol-01” Grade B
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Form  Homogenious highly viscous liquid of dark brown color
Kinematical viscosity at 40°С, sSt 110-150
Setting point, °С, no more than  Minus 5
Content of water soluble acids and alkalis  Absent
Mass fraction of water, %, no more than 0,02
Mass fraction of machanical impurities, %, no more than 0,01