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The history of our plant began on the 22nd of April 1961, when the first product – peat wax – was manufactured.




The demand for peat wax and its derivatives was not satisfied and in 1971 State Committee on Science and Technology attached to Council of Ministers of the USSR took a decision to launch plant reconstruction project.





The following facilities were built:

  • Workshop producing peat wax on the basis of innovative technology with capacity of 400 tons per year;
  • Production sector for derivation of peat-alkaline agent for well drilling;
  • Workshop producing process greases with capacity of 1000 tons per year and model compounds with capacity of 1500 tons per year;
  • Laboratory including equipment for derivation of highly effective peat substance for skin diseases treatment.

The volume of production of peat wax, model compounds, antiadhesives was enough to satisfy the demand on the territory of the USSR.




In 1994 due to various circumstances production of peat wax was suspended. Production of model compounds was switched to alternative wax compounds. At the same time the plant was organizing production of new products. Among them were lubricant Litol-24, cup grease, Ciatim-201, gun grease, lubricating and cooling technological materials, oil for refrigerating machines HA-30, reagent for wells drilling “Lignopol” and others.





Until 1996 the plant was a state enterprise, in 1996 it went public under order of State Property Management Committee of Minsk region.






January 22, 2010 at JSC "Mineral Wax Plant" was officially launched shop for the production of solid paraffin oil capacity of 18 000 tonnes per year. Products of the plant are exported to Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. JSC "Mineral Wax Plant" is a monopolist in the Republic of Belarus for the production of solid paraffin oil.


Project implementation of producing fully refined paraffin wax, oils, lubricants, lubricating and cooling fluids, model compounds with the reconstruction of the energy complex.


Development of new types of products and increases in manufacturing capacity.