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Future development

The main goal of further development of ‘Mineral Wax Plant’ at the moment is creation of technology intensive and competitive production. 

With that aim we purchase equipment from enterprises famous for their innovations and exceptionally high quality to create modern production of low-tonnage chemicals.

The plant reconstruction plan consists of three stages:

The first stage – construction of new workshop producing paraffin wax with capacity of 18000 tons per year in place of the workshop producing peat wax. This stage was completed in 2010;

The second stage – construction of facilities producing oils, greases, lubricating and cooling technological materials, and model compounds with capacity of 16 700 tons per year;

The third stage assumes reconstruction of the facilities producing chemical reagents for drilling with capacity of 7000 tons per year. Ecological and industrial safety improvements, reconstruction of administrative buildings and facilities for scientific researches will be accomplished.

Upon completion of construction and reconstruction activities automated industrial management system and automated technology management system will be implemented. 

A long-term development plan for 2011-2015 was drawn up for ‘Mineral Wax Plant’. According to the plan, the capacity of the plant with paraffin wax production not included should be increased to 36 000 tons per year by 2015. With that aim the plant proceeds on improving technology, equipment and reducing costs. These improvements will certainly influence products quality.

‘Mineral Wax Plant’ also plans to launch production of paraffin wax of food grade, which is used in production of food packaging paper, cosmetics, and therefore is in-demand at such enterprises.